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Account Fees

Effective 12/01/15 The following fees apply to Regular Checking, Business Checking, Savings, and Money Market Deposit Accounts.

Overdraft* $36.71 Per Check
Continuing Overdraft Fee $3.21 Per Day after 3 Business Days
Check and ACH Return Fee $37.11 Per Check
Stop Payment Fee $33.18 Per Check
Deposited Check Return Fee $6.91 Per Check
Dormant Account Fee $8.27 Per Month
Defective Check Rejects Fee $11.46 Per Check
Check Card Replacement Fee $13.62 Per Card
PIN Replacement Fee $6.03 Per Card
Research Work & Reconcilement $20 Per Hour with a 1 Hour Minimum
Snap Statement $1.50 Per Statement
Statement Reprint $6.50 Per Statement
Legal Processing Fee $50 Per Order
Close Account Fee (if open less than 91 days) $25
Teller Window
Internal Account Transfers $1 Per Transaction
Online Account Transfers FREE
Certified Check / Money Order $3.65 Per Check
Non-Customer Check Cashing Not Allowed
Notary Service (Customer) $2
Notary Service (Non-Customer) $10
Customer Service
Photo Copy $.20 Per Copy over 5
Incoming Wire $7.50 Per Wire
Outgoing Wire $30.00 Per Wire
Outgoing Wire (International) $75 Per Wire
Incoming/Outgoing Fax Fee $1.50 Per Page
Incoming Collection $20.00 Per Collection
Garnishment Orders $15 Per Order
Escrow Setup $250 Per Setup
Escrow Payment $60 Annual Fee / $15 Monthly Fee
Safe Deposit Boxes
3 x 5 $11.25
4 x 5 $15
3 x 10 $22.50
10 x 10 $75
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Actual Cost
Replace Key $20 - $30

*Overdraft (created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means)

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